WorkStar® 320 Pocket Floodlight


Product Summary: 170 lm, 2xAAA alkaline batteries, wide 1:1 beam ratio

Product Video:

The 2nd Gen MAXXEON WorkStar® 320 Pocket Floodlight is a professional LED inspection penlight. There are several significant improvements from the 1st Gen to the 2nd. Most importantly, the luminous flux has been increased from 140 lm to 170 lm with the introduction of the Cree XP-E2 LED.

The 2nd Gen 320 uses fewer batteries, 2 AAA batteries down from 3 and it includes a constant current driver to extract the maximum life from the batteries, so the run time with Alkaline batteries is increased. In addition, the 2nd Gen is compatible with optional 1.5 volt NiMH and Li-ion batteries, which have significantly longer run times than Alkaline batteries. Now that the WorkStar® 320 is 1 battery shorter, it fits your pocket perfectly - a true Pocket Floodlight!

The 2nd Gen WorkStar® 320 includes spare rubber cap, in case the cap gets damaged. You can easily remove the switch and replace the cap with a pair of tweezers.

Most LED penlights have weak and/or narrow beams. Not the Professional grade WorkStar® 320. Thanks to its custom reflector and Cree LED, it has a brighter and a larger beam than other products, so you can see what you are doing! Not only that, the beam is completely smooth, i.e. free from hot & dark spots. The distance to diameter ratio is about 1:1, meaning at 1 ft from an object, the beam is about 1 ft wide.

The WorkStar® 320 comes with 2 AAA Alkaline batteries, spare rubber cap and pen clip. All threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals so it is IP67, dust tight & waterproof to 3 ft. The tailcap switch (click ON / click OFF plus half-press momentary ON) is sealed with a user replaceable black rubber cap. It is 5" long, 9/16" in diameter and weighs 2 oz. The AR coated glass lens can easily be replaced by the user. The WorkStar® 320 has a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.