WorkStar® 330 Hunter's Pocket Floodlight - REALTREE AP® Camo Edition


Product Summary: REALTREE AP® Camo decoration, 140 lm, 3xAAA alkaline batteries, wide 1:1 beam ratio

Product Video:

Why is the WorkStar® 330 Hunter's Pocket Floodlight is so special? With more than 140 lumens + REALTREE AP® Camo - need we say more? Decorated with the most popular camo pattern and finished off with a rubberized soft-touch grip coating, the WorkStar® 330 is the ultimate camo penlight! Perfect for hunters, campers, fishermen and everyone who loves camo loves + performance.

Most LED penlights have weak and/or narrow beams. Not the Professional grade WorkStar® 330. Thanks to its custom reflector and Cree LED, it has a brighter and a larger beam than other products, so you can see what you are doing! Not only that, the beam is completely smooth, i.e. free from hot & dark spots, just like its big brother, the WorkStar® 2030. The distance to diameter ratio is about 1:1, meaning at 1 ft from an object, the beam is about 1 ft wide.

The WorkStar® 330 comes with 3 AAA Alkaline batteries and pen clip. Equipped with rubber O-ring seals, the Hunter's Pocket Floodlight is water resistant. The tailcap switch (click ON / click OFF plus half-press momentary ON) is sealed with a Glow-In-The-Dark rubber cap. It is 6.5" long, 1/2" in diameter and weighs 1 ounce. The AR coated glass lens can easily be replaced by the user. The WorkStar® 330 has a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.